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Latest Technical Reviews

Name: Caravaner1962

Vote: Mobi Lodge Deluxe

After reading about the Mobi Lodge Camper in the 2016 October issue of Caravan & Outdoor life, my curiosity about this Caravan sparked.

I really fancy the Mobi lodge Deluxe model. Although pricey – I think it has everything that me and my wife need. it’s easy to tow and has off-road capabilities.

My wife and I enjoy the fact that there is a lot of customisation which is available on these units from Leon. Towing the Deluxe with a Toyota Prado is easy and simple. You hardly feel the weight behind the car. Im certain it has something to do with the aerodynamics of the caravan. we use less fuel too!

The Deluxe model is easy to setup (4 minutes) and has at least three safety catches. So that it does not open whilst taking any sharp corners.

We really enjoy the large space inside the caravan when it is erected, as it makes us feel like we are waking up in a hotel room each day. The edges of the bed are not obscured with fridges, wardrobes or bathrooms – so manoeuvring inside the caravan is easy. We are not large people.

I really enjoy all the windows and consoles that can open up on the “open” side of the caravan. Although my wife is not too terribly keen on closing all the outside hatches before we go to bed for our privacy. I am not too fussed. It’s a small trade off. The cupboards are deep and there is tons of storage space available.

I do know that some of my friends are not too keen on having the outside kitchens – primarily because most of the crockery and cutlery is hidden away in cupboards inside. There are many different types of awnings available each with their own cost and purpose. But I must agree that when the heavens do open, and the rain is pouring down – that is when we wish our kitchen was inside.

We really enjoy the size and capacity of the Mobi lodge bathroom. Its private, equally spacious and its possible to have a toilet in there without the feeling of being locked in a cupboard.

My wife and I came to the conclusion of the Mobi lodge as our favourite caravan ultimately because it was me that would have to tow it, and set everything up.

Chatting with Leon and Marius, who I enjoyed getting to know personally at a local show it felt to me that they were as passionate about making caravans, as much as we are about using them.

For us, the quality is definitely worth the price. Although we use our Mobi for short weekend trips to Durban, we are planning next year to tour the wonderful Kgalagadi! Which I believe is not really suited for on-road caravans. At least not where we want to go.

Name: Tony Ntuli

Vote: Jurgens

Very reliable, strong, can withstand strong winds and torrent rains,space spacious, firm on the road ,can last for a long time if maintained properly

Name: Gordon Thomson

Vote: Bushlapa Baobab

We buy caravans to get away from the fast paced life we lead everyday. We take time to enjoy family and nature. Many of us like to see places not easily accessible by car. So we saddle up our bakkies and put them to the test over the roughest of terrains to get to our chosen destination. In the past we had to be satisfied with a day trip or we could pack a tent, but that meant the nights where cold and unpleasant.

Bushlapa was the first to solve all the issues for me with the Baobab. Being one of Bushlapas larger models I can take the whole family (including my canine companion) on our adventure. It has the most storage space in it's class, which all experienced campers will tell you, makes all the difference

We can break away to any remote location that we like, without having to worry about our sturdy, home-away-from-home behind us. The setup is uncomplicated and takes a matter of minutes.

Overall this light weight, ultra strong caravan is my favourite addition to my camping expitions. Thank you Bushlapa

Name: Linda Ridgard

Vote: Jurgens 1984

Gerieflik bekostigbaar vir die werkersklas netjies ruim woonwa groot tent met verlengings maklik om op te slaan tent vertoon netjies lyk luuks met groot yskas en netjiese breekware. Omdat alles ruim is is dit lekker gemaklik om vakansie te hou en daars altyd plek vir nog iemand wat dit so gerieflik maak Trots om neienasr te wees

Name: Frikkie Van Zyl

Vote: Sensation Anee!

I purchased a sensation Anee last year. What a beautiful caravan!

It has top class fixtures and fittings and everything has been seen to with a high spec.

Make no mistake, that this is a big caravan. but it is extremely spacious through out and can comfortably sleep my wife and kids. There is also a close able interleading door for adult privacy or when getting changed or dressed.

All the windows come with a fly screen to keep those pesky mosquitos out. Plus there is a LED TV mounted in the bedroom for watching those not to miss discovery channel shows. In summer we sleep with the aircon on.

We have an island bed which is certainly an upgrade from our Jurgens model previously, and the shower unit flawless. We no longer have to wear flip flops to use any ablution facilities at our local caravan park. Certainly a plus!

The caravan is fitted with LED lights which uses hardly any power at all!

My wife and I are not overly enthusiastic about having the microwave right at the entrance of the door, and I will look at moving this myself for my next little DIY project. However the fridge is large enough to feed my family of four for up to 4 days which is great!

We love our sensation because it makes us feel like hotel quality wherever we go!